EtherAPIs is a completely decentralized platform, without any central points of failure. API calls are executed directly between the consumer/provider and API payments are enforced by a 150 million dollar global blockchain. There is noone to target.


EtherAPIs achieves an unprecendented level of trustlessness. Developers can create, advertize and monetize APIs completely anonymously; and users can consume them in full privacy. No trust is needed in anyone, us included, it's all enforced by algorithms.


EtherAPIs bases all its payment processing on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This means that all your transactions are validated, executed and enforced by a global network of machines. Everyone plays by the same, open and public rule book.

True pay for what you use. Real time. Per call. No trust.

EtherAPIs facilitates the establishment of a secure payment channel between unknown parties. Authorizations for arbitrary micro payments can be done directly, without any associated fees. Payments may be redeemed at any time at the payees discretion.

Many API types out of the box. Stateless. Streaming. Private.

The EtherAPIs service proxy – running on your machine, without requiring API side modifications – can verify, enforce and charge payments per call or per data basis. You can provide private access to select consumers without even us knowing about it.

Close zero payment costs. Direct. Instant. Unalterable.

Being based on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain, contractual agreements are fast (enforced in 17 seconds) and payment charges are cheap (0.2 dollar cents, irrespective of total amount). Consumer authorizations are direct and instantly verifyable.